Conservative Senedd leader faces questions

Conservative Senedd leader an Preseli MS Paul Davies has apologised, but denied any wrongdoing, following claims he and other Welsh politicians breached covid regulations by gathering, and drinking alcohol, on Welsh Parliament premises, days after a ban on serving it in pubs took effect.

It has been reported Paul Davies MS and fellow Tories were seen drinking together on December 8.

That was just four days after a ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol in pubs and restaurants came into force in Wales as part of Covid regulations.

It is believed an ‘incident’ contrary to those regulations is being investigated by Senedd authorities in which it has been claimed Labour’s Alun Davies was also involved.

A statement was issued on behalf of Paul Davies MS, and fellow Conservatives Darren Millar and Paul Smith.

“We are profoundly sorry for our actions. While we did not break the rules, we recognise that what was part of a day’s work would not be seen to be following the spirit of them, especially given the tough time the country has been going through.”

The trio maintain there were never more than four people in the room at once, they drank one or two glasses of wine, and they maintained social distancing rules.

Welsh Conservatives have said the meeting was being held to discuss legislation for possible inclusion in the Welsh Conservative manifesto.

It has been reported Alun Davies has been suspended from the party’s group pending an investigation.

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